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Landlords are deceiving the State Tax Inspectorate

Photo from video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZk0m4Ivp6I)

More than 175,000 citizens of Kharkiv received income from the rental of real estate, including land, reports (UA) the State Tax Inspectorate of the Kharkiv region.

Already 360 people have declared income from leasing of real estate, of which 213 – provided in the rental premises and declared the income of 2.8 million UAH

However, these declarations of rent often do not correspond to the realities of the real estate market and the information in the media.

Thus, according to monitoring posted in the media space, the average rent for the lease of the apartment is about 3,000 UAH. And in some luxury homes – 15,000-20,000 UAH/month. Then, as indicated in the declarations of the citizens, on average, rents is 1,000 UAH.

Recall, the declaration of such income is supplied by 1 May (in 2016 until May 3). Payment of the tax liability must be on 1 August.

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