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Donetsk cardiologists rescue IDPs

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V.T. Zaytsev Institute of General and Emergency Surgery of NAMS of Ukraine together with Donetsk regional state administration created a program that helps carry out cardiac surgery for the residents of Donetsk.

Director of the Department of Health of the Donetsk region Yuri Uzun explains: “All  patients who received corresponding conclusion from V.T. Zaytsev Institute can get free supplies for cardiac surgery. The operation will be done in the same institute.”

Through this program, people in need of treatment can save from 12,000 to 40,000 UAH.

Materials include artificial heart valves, artificial blood circulation system (oxygenator), pacemakers, stents to restore blood flow in the coronary arteries and other.

BACKGROUND: Any resident of the Donetsk region (no matter whether he lives in the Ukraine or the occupied territory in the ATO zone). They need to come to Kharkiv for a consultation. Currently, about 30 people took advantage of the program. Unfortunately, this program is not working for the people of Lugansk region for now.

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