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High-tech observation tower installed on Kharkiv’s Russian border


Unique border fortifications have been erected at the checkpoint Zhuravlevka. This construction is experimental and there is no similar objects at the disposal of Ukrainian border guards yet.

img_topAccording to Objective (RU), the experimental control tower is equipped with an autonomous multi-sensor optical system. Everything that happens at a distance of several kilometers from the border with Russia fix cameras and thermal imagers, the picture is transmitted to the control center. It works on solar batteries, also has accumulator that holds a charge for three days.

вышкаUnder the tower equipped firing positions, designed for ten people. In the event of an attack guards can keep defense before the arrival of the main forces. Also on the border are special concrete bunkers in which border guards can defend in three sectors.

окопы Earlier on this checkpoint passed people and transport. After the start of the anti-terrorist operations in the Donbas, it was closed. Since March 2015 Russian residents can cross the border only with international passports at the checkpoint Goptivka.

0521b91d145374b0a596de8254_5f560624Just a few meters from the border with Russia are trenches, where guards draw duty around the clock. Nearby are the positions of the Russian border guards.

This year for equipment of the border from the state budget was allocated 200 million UAH.

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