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Kharkiv’s solution to eliminate education system corruption


Kharkiv IT specialists, who a few years ago created the electronic registration system in kindergartens, developed EduPay, an online service for educational institutions.

Developers convinced officials to implement the system in all Kharkiv schools and kindergartens, enabling parents to monitor where their donations are spent.

Head of EduPay Tatiana Efimova told Segodnya that to use the service, developers connected free of charge and agreed on two districts.

Service allows payment online for preschool nutrition. To make non-cash charitable contributions, you need to enter information on current accounts for such payments.

“If officials provide us with information, we plug-in “conscious charity” program unit for one day. It allows educational establishments publicly, transparently ask financial assistance for a particular item or service on the site. Every parent decides which sum he is ready to donate, and transfers the money. Parent receives a check, and educational institution sees only the amount, the name of the donor remains anonymous,” says Efimova.

Parents will be able to control the process of raising money. When the amount is fully raised, the educational institution receives access to the accounting documents that are automatically seen to all.

In addition, parents will be able to see data on budget financing schools, and possessing this information, avoid cases when on the repair of the same roof allocated budget money and donated parents.

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