Home Business Kharkivens paid more than 8 million UAH for VIP cars

Kharkivens paid more than 8 million UAH for VIP cars

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For the period January-June 2016, the residents of Kharkiv region paid to the local budget more than 8 million UAH of the transport tax, reports the Gorodskoy Dozor (RU).

According to the press service of the regional department of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, there are 1240 owners of luxury cars in the region.

The physical persons, owners of taxable VIP-cars, paid to the budget 6.6 million UAH.

Legal enteties with luxury cars on the balance paid to the budget 2.2 million UAH.

BACKGROUND: Since January 1, the principle of taxation changed. Now 25,000 UAH per year are to be payed by the owners of vehicles which value exceeds 750 times the minimum wage (currently 1,033,500 UAH) and not older than five years, regardless of the engine size.

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