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Rainin to personally inspect Kharkiv hospitals


The governor is to conduct inspections in hospitals which he sees fit, but not which the heads of institutions want to show. The governor also promised to communicate with patients, Citysite reports (RU).

46001“I’m not going to question and discuss the level of Kharkiv medicine. It is really high, and in ATO conditions Kharkiv doctors have repeatedly demonstrated their professionalism. But I would share the situation “to be a high-quality doctor” and “to be a highly effective manager – the chief doctor,” said Igor Rainin during a coordination meeting.

According to the governor, a few days ago people complained on the fact that over one and a half hours at a high temperature, they had to ask to give an injection in one of the hospitals.

“I understand that in our hospitals there are questions to the equipment, there are questions about the quality and quantity of medicines, but we can’t neglect, disrespect the patients with excuses. I say to the chief physicians they must treat the patient with respect and attention,” stressed Rainin.

He promised personally to visit the city and regional hospitals accompanied by some deputies of the regional council.

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