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Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute to prepare specialists for Turkey


National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute” (KPI) has signed a cooperation agreement with the Istanbul Judicial Science Education and Research Foundation (Turkey).

imageAgreement between KPI and the Fund assumes the education and training of specialists for Turkey on all engineering and socio-humanities specialties, which are in the Kharkiv University.

It is planned the creation of a joint distance education center under the control and supervision of the Fund in Ankara, Istanbul and other Turkish cities.

thumb-big-404x270-2a48The Turkish delegation was represented by President of the Foundation Mehmet Hakan Saglam and co-founder of the Foundation Figen Saglam.

They visited two KPI research centers, recognized as national treasure of Ukraine: the observatory of the Institute of the ionosphere (located near Zmiev) and experimental base of the Research and Design Institute “Lightning” / “Molniya” (village Andreevka, Balakleevsky district ).

Institute of the ionosphere

Space exploration is carried out jointly with the observatories of the USA, Canada, Peru and other countries. Thus, the institution of the ionosphere has for many years been actively cooperating with one of the best technical universities in the world – Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

image (5)In 2001, the installations in “Lightning” included in the International Register of unique test equipment, representing Ukraine, along with similar installations in the USA, France, Germany, etc.

Mehmet Hakan Saglam and Figen Saglam are interested in research of the Kharkiv scientists in the field of lightning protection, which is essential for the construction of nuclear power plants in Turkey, and agreed on a special visit to the institute.

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