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Kharkiv girl took second place in German Marathon

Photos from city.kharkov.ua

On June 12, ten athletes from Kharkiv took part in the “Metropol-Marathon” in the satellite city of Nuremberg – Fürth (Germany), reports the press service of the City Council.

131a8f33c80465067a90d5be7c9a7e3eKharkivens showed good results. In particular, Kharkiv athlete Lubov Sych on the marathon distance of 42 km 195 m took 2nd place in her age group. She was invited to participate in the marathon next year.

e8831d104176c7b5aa1b2ce4400db0a1On the eve of the competition the deputy mayor of Nuremberg Mayor Gzell Clemens, a big fan of racing, held a training session with the Kharkiv athletes.

BACKGROUND: About 2,300 people, amateurs and professional athletes, participated in the race. In the marathon, 541 people took part in 42,195 km and in half marathon of 10 km – 1762 people.

More photos of Metropol-Marathon Fürth 2016 by Norbert Wilhelmi see here.

marafonThe Kharkiv International Marathon, which took place on 9 April 2016, was attended by 11 runners from Nuremberg. There were 12 thousand people in total.

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