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BTR-4 passed the test water in Kharkiv


On Saltovskoe reservoir near Kharkiv the improved BTR-4 “Bucephalus” was tested, reported the press service of the National Academy of National Guard of Ukraine (UK).

BTR-4 is a development of the Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau. Work on the improvement of armored personnel carriers continues, the experts experiment with installation of various weapons.


On the basis of the BTR-4 also create special modifications to perform non-combat tasks. To the National Guard were supplied BTR-4 to evacuate the wounded soldiers. They do not have weapons, but has extended sizes to accommodate the medical equipment. Also were supplied ARV – Armored Recovery Vehicle, designed to repair and evacuate damaged or broken equipment, noted in the Academy.

“According to the test results, I can say that the armored vehicle met the challenges perfectly. The peculiarity of this BTR – it is very easy goes on the water, quite fast and maneuverable during the movement in the water. This is a very powerful armored vehicle and, and it is Ukrainian production,” said senior lecturer of maintenance and repair of cars and military vehicles department , Lieutenant Colonel Victor Kashpur.

The staff of the National Academy of the National Guard cooperates with the Morozov Design Bureau. There were made special simulators and stands for teaching the students. And Academy teachers are actively involved in research activities related to the development and improvement of military equipment, manufactured products.

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