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First open-air library for city


About the creation of the first outdoor library in Kharkiv, combined with the social communication on the basis of reading and bookcrossing, told representatives of Literary museum and initiative group of Kharkivens at a press conference on April 15, as QHA reports (RU).

The project will be called “Knizhkova klyumba in Literary museum”. It will start to create already on this weekend, and organizes asked Kharkivens to join the installation of shelve stands.


“Knizhkova klyumba” will work in Kharkiv on the territory of the Literary Museum. As told the representative of the museum Tatyana Pilipchuk, visiting of open-air library, the readers, in fact, visit the museum.

It is worth noting that the outdoor library – a very common urban phenomenon created to promote reading. Literary Museum will offer a further development of the “network” of outdoor libraries, as a means of creating a communication platform filled with social initiatives.

The author of “Knizhkovoy klyumby” Maxim Griva told that at night the bulk of the books will remain in equipped shelve stands, but especially valuable copies of the publications will put in the museum premises.

“Knizhkova klyumba” will start operating on May 17, and will be designed for the simultaneous visit of 6-7 people. In the plans of the project is the re-equipment of a small garden of the museum into the space for reasonable leisure.

The project “Knizhkova klyumba” has received a grant for its development and implementation, having participated in the competition of urban projects and proposals from the organization CANaction. “Knizhkova klyumba” became the best among the 250 projects submitted to the competition.

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