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Parliament prepares bill to simplify contracting


A group of deputies and experts is developing a bill that abolishes the need to draw up a paper contract to provide services for export.

Ukrainian companies (IT-industry – one of the largest in volume of exports of services) will be able to draw up contracts with customers by email, according to the scheme of the public offer, in electronic form or simply invoicing, informs AIN (RU).

According to the deputy Victoria Ptashnik, if this bill is adopted, it will be easier to conduct business activities in Ukraine.

Now Ukrainian economic entities which provide services to non-residents, must develop foreign economic contract in writing and it has rather stringent requirements.

ab103c9951f9561b0694ecca47“In most developed countries to confirm the conclusion and implementation of the transaction it’s sufficient invoice issued by the supplier. In Ukraine it’s also needed a written contract with the Ukrainian translation, invoice and certificate of completion signed by both parties (Part 2 of Art. 6 of the Law on foreign trade activities),” said vice-president of the Association “IT Ukraine” Dmitriy Ovcharenko.

x_282be12bThe bill cancels currency control from banks over service provision for export. It will also affect the market of freelancing, notes Katherine Bozhkova, chief representative of Upwork Ukraine. According to her, the number of freelancers in the country amounted to 123,000 last year. And if the project is accepted, freelancing will be legalized in Ukraine, and the number of such specialists will increase.

The bill is currently in the development, but in the near future it will be introduced in parliament. It makes amendments in several laws, including the Law on Foreign Economic Activities of 1991, which was written when the Ukrainian IT, strictly speaking, was almost non-existed.

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