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Placement of outdoor advertising in Kharkiv simplified


The term of the authorization was reduced to 10 days.

Kharkiv Executive Committee amended the rules of outdoor advertising in the city. The corresponding decision was made in connection with the requirements of the current legislation, reports Hubs (RU).

According to the director of the city Department of Control Alexey Artikulenko in Kharkiv reduced the time period for issuing authorization for placement of outdoor advertising: now it takes 10 days, but before it could last six months.

4579876567Also, a list of required documents was reduced, before it was required except the established list to submit another copy of the certificate of state registration of the legal entity or individual entrepreneur, documents of title to real estate.

Now the coordination of the authorization is carried out by the Advertising Department without involvement of the applicant, previously the coordination of authorization was entrusted on the owner of an advertising construction.

Also, according to the new rules, the advertising department has no longer the authority to extend the validity of the authorization for placement of outdoor advertising, that is the applicant must re-apply.

MaxusIn addition, it is approved a new list of agencies and bodies with who should be agreed the issuing of authorization for placement of advertising construction. Thus, from this list excluded the department of architecture and urban planning.

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