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Kharkiv to host International GR Forum


International GR Forum “Communication between business and government” will take place in Kharkiv on April 22 at the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce.

International GR Forum is a communication platform for the representatives of business and government.

At the forum will discuss the topic of communication between business and government in Ukraine and consider tax reform in Ukraine, existing risks, disadvantages and possible liberal way of changes.

Besides, the experts will talk about the mechanisms of attraction of foreign investments into the Ukrainian economy, the future development path of GR and lobbyism.

The main topics of the II International GR Forum:

  • Tax reform. Will Ukraine choose the liberal way?
  • GR-communications with local authorities.
  • Problems and ways of communication with the government.
  • Further development of lobbyism and GR in Ukraine.

The speakers at the forum will be MPs, economists, journalists, representatives of public authorities and local self-government.

Event organizers: Ukrainian Association of Government Relations Professionals and Lobbyists – association of professionals and professional organizations, practicing in the field of government relations, public affairs, public advocacy. And International company SIC Group Ukraine – consulting company, which practices in the field of social engineering, strategic marketing, corporate communications and GR.

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