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Photo-video business conference in Kharkiv


The purpose of the first Ukrainian conference on creating a successful photo and video business Photostudy.me is to give impetus to the development of photography and videography before the start of the new season.

It will bring together novice and experienced market participants to communicate and acquire new knowledge.

You will receive a working strategy for the development of your business and be able to implement them in practice.

According to the organizers of the Photostudy.me, while working on the start of the project, they set themselves the main objectives: to bring together beginners, experienced market participants and industry leaders; see the industry from the perspective of wedding agencies, decorators and florists; reveal different direction of photo-video industry – food photo and family photo; get acquainted with the working marketing strategies to promote your business; see new trends and be able to implement them in practice; an understanding of “unique style”.

Among the speakers are the professionals of photo-video industry: Anna Belous and Alexei Gukalov, Yuriy Stakhov, Taras Kovalchuk, Pavel Melnik, Dmitry Elisichenko, Pavel Lutov, Julia Belyaeva, Eugenia Grin, Sergei Mironenko, Anastasia Semago, and representatives of the service on creation of online galleries MEMORYON.

When: April 10 at 8:00.

Where: Fabrika.space (Blagoveshchenska Street, 1).

Price: 500 UAH.


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