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Mayor becomes face of Kharkiv version of Monopoly


Kharkivens have developed their own version of the world famous game Monopoly.

Kharkiv Mayor Gennady Kernes became the face of the game and dibs – real enterprises in the city. The game is available in online stores, reports portal Depo.ua (RU).

362-397-monopoliya-harkovFormer Regionnaire is depicted on the box of the game “Monopoly. Kharkiv”. Creative authors have attributed to him a phrase from the controversial video featuring Kernes, and then candidate for mayor of Kharkiv, Mikhail Dobkin: “For the good of the city and all Kharkiv citizens.”

A slogan that accompanies the game, says: “Managing big money, overmaster the town, while it did not do it with you!”

362-394-monopoliya-harkovThe game is adapted to local realities: the city’s emblem city is depicted on the money, while players can buy and sell the airport “Kharkiv”, Dolphinarium, Public utility “Kharkiv Metro” and other enterprises.

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