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ATO veterans demand a moratorium on utility rates

Photo from www.nastol.com.ua

ATO veterans have called on Kharkivens to rally in their campaign to balance salaries and pensions in relation to utility tariffs.

On April 2, at 10 am, a public initiative “Society of Veterans ATO” (UK) calls on all citizens of Kharkiv to take part in the rally “Civil ultimatum.”

The ultimatum has been sent to the Cabinet of Ministers, the Prime Minister, the National Commission for Energy Regulation.

It contains the requirements to impose a moratorium on the recently increased utility tariffs until following the next conditions:

  1. Provide a clear rationale for tariffs hike;
  2. Create a special commission for transparent discussions on price formation.

“We do not mind paying European prices for the tariffs. We are against poor wages and pensions,” say the leaflets, which are distributed in the subway by representatives of the public initiative, wearing military clothes.

Where: Freedom Square
When: April 2
Time: 10:00

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