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The film about the FEMEN activists will be screened in Kharkiv

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Kharkiv Center for Gender Culture displays documentaries about the role of women and men in the Ukrainian society and culture in the framework of the project “Genderoteka ukrainіka”. The screenings are held weekly.

The Facebook page of the project informed that on the last Friday of February everyone is invited to watch the movie “Ukraine is not a brothel”. This is a film of the Austrian director, Kitty Green, about FEMEN and protests against the image of Ukrainian women as a sex commodity. Social anthropologist from Lithuania, Inga Freimane, hosts discussions with the audience after the film screenings. Motion picture was presented in the competition program of the 70th Venice Film Festival.

Where: Kuznechna Street, 9
When: February 26
Time: 18:30
Price: Free admission

Recall Center of gender culture has opened recently in Kharkiv. The purpose of the project is to host a place where anyone, regardless of gender, age, social status, occupation and education can receive basic knowledge about gender issues, including human rights and gender-based discrimination.

Reference. FEMEN is a group of topless female activists. The organization became internationally known for organizing controversial topless protests against sex tourism, religious institutions, sexism, homophobia and other social, national and international topics. Originally founded in Ukraine, the group is now based in Paris.

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