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Programmers’ community launches free IT courses in Kharkiv

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The city is to offer free courses on JavaScript thanks to programmers’ community KottansThe enthusiasts will begin courses on the frontend (JavaScript) in April for Ukraine programmers in Kyiv, Kharkiv and Lviv.

xZpKXeHlT2The projects will be hosted at the offices of Cogniance in Kyiv; SmartJS.Academy in Kharkiv, while in Lviv a location has yet to announced.

Groups will consist 30 people, with applicants having to apply on the community website.

They will need to pass a test which can be solved through basic school knowledge and advanced ability to google, said Kottans representative, Artyom Sychev. Learning materials are available on open access programme GitHub.

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“Our graduates work at Google, Amazon, eBay, Materialise, RailsReactor, Aejis, RubyRiders, actively participate in and organize conferences, and in community life,” said Sychev.

According to him, the competition is usually 10 people to each place. On the last course on the C# community, they received 400 applications. However, only 10-15 people complete their education.

Photo from http://ain.ua/
Photo from http://ain.ua/

The course is designed for those who are interested in programming, who want to grow and develop. On Frontend, students get introductory knowledge of HTML / CSS, basic for JS, familiarity with React, Angular, Ember, Node, Building API, Testing in JS.

All theoretical knowledge will be backed up by practical exercises. The course lasts several months and classes are held 2-3 times per week in the evenings.

It is a non-profit initiative which exists due to the time and money of other members of the community.

Today, according to Artyom, the team consists of 20 active participants. He said: “To become a Kottan, it is not enough to take a course and make friends with the community. It is necessary to “return” time spent: to help create a new program course, help beginners to understand and organize their own educational initiative.

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