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Kharkiv joined to the signatures collection for the resignation of Yatsenyuk


On February 13, in Kharkiv was held the 7th All-Ukrainian congress of the party “Obiednannia “Samopomіch”.

The MPs made a speech before the public, namely: the leader of the party Andrey Sadovyi, People’s Deputies Roman Semenuha, Yegor Sobolev and Semen Semenchenko, faction leader Oleg Berezyuk and deputy speaker of the Parliament Oksana Syroyid.

------------16-150x150The main reason why the representatives of “Sampomich” arrived in Kharkiv – Arseniy Yatsenyuk government should be resigned. Faction “Samopomich” began collecting signatures of people’s deputies on a resolution declaring distrust in the current government of Ukraine which is headed by Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk. It is noted, in order to hold a vote on this issue in Parliament, it is necessary to gain support of 150 MPs.

The press service of the faction also reported that the signatures collection – is only the first stage of procedure of distrust in government.


The representatives of the party believe that the current government has failed with a section of the coalition agreement on cooperation with Parliament, and this in particular has led to a political crisis. In addition, according to the politicians, the current government allowed the intervention of foreign partners to the amendments of the Constitution of Ukraine.

After the congress the representatives of the party “Samopomіch” with flags, banners and slogan “Dismiss the government!” marched in a column to Shevchenko monument. There MPs held a rally and appealed to Kharkiv citizens.

Also Party of People’s Control (in Russian only) collected the signatures of Kharkivens for the resignation of Yatsenyuk and his government, and announced about enrolment to the anti-corruption Guard of the People’s Control to fight together against corruption and injustice.

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