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Fight for your rights: Kharkiven forced officials to comply with the law

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International passport for 170 UAH: myth or reality? A resident of Kharkiv Igor Kapustiansky proved that you can receive the ID without paying additional fees. He achieved through court issuing foreign passport at a cost of the state fee. However, it took 3 years.

As reports SQ, in August 2013, officials denied to provide Igor with a foreign passport for 170 UAH and he applied to the court. Actually, a passman has passed through several courts: Kharkiv district and Appeals court, where he was denied, but the Supreme Administrative Court recognized his right. The Court invalidated the the requirement of paying anything, except of the state fee (170 UAH). As a result, the court demanded the State Migration Service to re-examine the application of a citizen of Ukraine Igor Kapustiansky on registration and issuance of passports.

According to Kapustiansky, despite the court’s decision, the Migration Service kept on refusing to issue him a passport for over a year, referring to the technical impossibility. In July 2015, at his request, Kharkiv District Administrative Court decided to impose a fine of 12 thousand UAH for the head of the department Viacheslav Guzya. “Half of this amount should be mine”, says Igor for “Segodnya”.

“Now other people ask me for advice and help. We do not just want to get a foreign passport for 170 UAH, but to beat and change the system in this structure,” said Kapustiansky.

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