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The Kernes trial is expected to resume on January 25

Photo from dozor.kharkov.ua

Yesterday, January 18, the first in 2016 meeting on the case of the mayor of Kharkiv Gennady Kernes and two of his guards was held in the Kiev District Court of Poltava.

This time, the number of law enforcement officers was smaller than usual, the cordon was not exposed at all. Activists with traditional protests were absent near the court building.

At today’s hearing continued questioning one of the victims – Sergei Ryapolov.

After Ryapolov court moved to questioning the first witness – the mayor’s guard – Sergei Marchuk. He said that on the day of the event he really accompanied Gennady Kernes according to the contract. According to him, no illegal acts were committed in the hotel “National” in his presence, he also mentioned that he was with the mayor of Kharkiv all the time.

The next court session is planning to call for questioning the vice-mayor of Kharkiv Igor Terekhov and former chief of the city police department Igor Bolyuha. Lawyers of Kernes also suggested calling again the first victim Alexander Kutyanin, referring to the fact that there are some more questions for him.

Poltava court postponed the hearing on the case of Gennady Kernes to 25 January.

Recall, hearing of the Kernes’ case will be held more often.


Photo from dozor.kharkov.ua

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