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Businessmen can breathe easily next six months

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President of the “Association of Private Employers” Alexander Chumak said that businessmen from Kharkiv managed to defend the simplified tax system, which is intended to be reformed by the Ministry of Finance. This information was provided by the Kharkiv crisis management information center.

“We managed to defend the simplified taxation system. It has survived, though not in the way it used to exist before,” said Chumak during a press conference in KCMIC.

The rate of the flat tax (for the third group) will be increased by 1%, and unified social tax (UST) will decrease to 22%. The annual turnover from 20 million UAH will be limited to five.

Alexander Chumak explains that according to statistics in 2014 entrepreneurs who had an annual turnover in excess of five million was 0.05% (of all companies that use the simplified taxation system). He believes that the restriction will not in fact reduce their number. “In addition, the increase of the flat tax to 1% may seem harmless, but in fact the load will not affect only businesses with a turnover of up to 250 thousand UAH. For the rest, it will increase significantly, as the tax depends on the total turnover,” clarifies the President of the “APE”.

In addition, “starting from the 1st of January second group must acquire a cash register after reaching 1 million. Previously, this applied only to the third group,” said the head of the legal department of the “Association of Private Employers” Oleg Dragunov. Officials believe that the mandatory introduction of cash registers is necessary because it will help combating corruption.

Recall, businessmen from Kharkiv have repeatedly organized actions of protest. In early December, they went on the rally to Verkhovna Rada. The rally was also organized at the Constitution Square in Kharkiv.

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