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The City Council decided to raise the bar for the consideration of electronic petitions

Photo from teasermedia.net

Today, December 23, Kharkiv City Council decided that the electronic petition must collect 5.000 votes, for submission to the City Council. This decision was taken at the session of the city council.

Previously 1.000 votes were enough, now, officials, analyzed the activity of citizens and raised the bar. Deputy of Kharkiv City Council Association “Samopomіch” Igor Chernyak suspects that this decision will affect the opportunity for citizens to influence municipal authorities will be reduced to a mere formality.

In turn, Mayor Gennady Kernes explained that the calculations are based on the experience of other million people cities. For example, a petition to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko must earn 25 thousand for consideration. In Kiev – 10 thousand votes are required. So this figure is logical for Kharkiv.

Recall, only one petition received more than 1,000 votes (prohibiting trafficking and begging in the subway), and it is already under consideration. Meanwhile, the first check in the metro has already passed on the Kholodnohirsko-Zavodska line.

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