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A quarter of Kharkiv families issued subsidies this year

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During eleven months of this year 346.3 thousand families in Kharkiv region addressed for subsidies to pay utility bills. The help has been already assigned to 324.3 thousand families.

According to  the Main Department of Statistics in Kharkiv region, this figure is 3,5 times more than in the same period of last year, which is associated with a significant tariffs increase.

In November, the subsidy was received by 268,1 thousand households (24% of the total number of Kharkiv region families). It is noteworthy that the assistance was drawn up mainly in towns (220 thousand families) than in countrysides (48.1 thousand households).

The average subsidy amount per a household in November was 495 hryvnias, and the total amount of aid allocated to the region is about 72.4 million hryvnias.

It is worth to noting that now the procedure of subsidy registration is simplified. A person does not need to specify an income amount in the declaration, but only its kind, for example, a salary or a pension. The amount of income will be determined by the employees of the Social Security Service.

It is not necessary to bring documents in person and stand in line, as the application can be sent by e-mail. Those who have already received a subsidy, will get it the next period automatically.

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