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Struggle against illegal trade and beggars in the subway has increased in Kharkiv

Photos by Mikhail Kuchnev (vecherniy.kharkov.ua)

Law enforcement officers in cooperation with the city authorities raided in search of traffickers and checked underground cars. Official site of Kharkiv city council provide such information recently.

The deputy commander of the patrol police underground service Andrei Podvysotskiy explains, that administrative reports drawn up against traffickers. Educational talks were held with beggars. They also noted that heir activities do not fall under the criminal or administrative liability, and they only violate the internal rules of the subway.

“The raid – this is not a one-time event. If we do it only once, it is does not make any sense. If it is a regular action, the traders will get used to it and understand that this is a prohibited activity,” said the deputy mayor of Kharkiv on the infrastructure of the city Evgeny Vodovozov.

In turn, the municipal enterprise “Underground City” promised to cut all the unauthorized trade by the end of December.

13533 13531 13526Recall, now a petition to the City Council can be submitted online. The residents of Kharkiv recently attracted the attention to these problems. More than 1,000 people supported the petition for termination of trafficking and begging in Kharkiv subway.

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