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Donate blood – save a life!

Photo from video on youtube.com/watch?v=pmZV36XgXaI

All-Ukrainian youth public organization FRI (Foundation of Regional Initiatives) announced the beginning of the action “Donate blood – save a life!” in Kharkiv.

The purpose of the project is to draw attention to the problems of the blood donation and to attract to the action as much people as possible, helping those in need.

“The donation – it is as natural as brushing your teeth and crossing the road on a green light. Today, in 62 countries donation is seen as an opportunity to selflessly help others,” say the organizers.

The organizers also suggest to post a photo after donating on your pages in social networks with a hashtag #допомогти_може_кожен

To participate you need to fill out a form. From 21 to 25 December you can donate your blood at the Kharkiv regional blood service center (st. Klochkovskaya, 366).

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