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Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Davіd Sakvarelіdze told about the “casting” for new prosecutors in Kharkiv

Photo from http://khar.gp.gov.ua

Today the Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Davіd Sakvarelіdze met with representatives of the legal community of Kharkiv, Poltava, Sumy and Luhansk in the Procecutor’s office of Kharkiv Region. The meeting was to present the new recruitment process for prosecutor positions.

According to Sakvarelіdze, this reform is the first opportunity for real enthusiasts and professional lawyers to join the construction of a new prosecution.

“What is really historic about this reform? Even in Europe nobody ever announced open tenders for such important positions”, – said David Sakvarelidze.

Answering journalists’ questions about his readiness to be tested, David Sakvarelidze told that he had already passed these tests for three times. “Today, my position does not require testing, but if it would be such need and demand, I can pass them again,” – said Sakvarelidze.

Photo from http://khar.gp.gov.ua
Photo from http://khar.gp.gov.ua

In addition, candidates for prosecutor positions were interested in the possible abuse or corruption during testing and the level of system security. “The company, and the team that will be chosen by the European Union, by the standards of the EU, will be responsible for all test results.

Of course, there are possible risks, as always. Even Pentagon program was hacked. However, the system that has been proposed and incorporated in the tender actually eliminates the possibility of corruption or juggling with data. This will be a separate committee, working group, which will be responsible for controlling and monitoring any failures, “- said Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

As we already reported, 5 regional centers were created for the reception of documents. In general, the competition will take place in four stages.

Currently the territorial center of Kharkov received 632 application, including 320 applications for senior positions, informs the official website of the Procecutor’s office of Kharkiv Region.

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