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The Kharkiv office of “Oppositional bloc” was under attack


Today, in the afternoon, an armed conflict run near the Kharkov office of “Opposition bloc” on the Skripnіk street. Witnesses said that unknown young men threw stones and smoke bombs at the office building. According to preliminary data, the members of the conflict were representatives of the “Right Sector”, ultras and members of volunteer corps. They themselves say that their actions were provoked the security guards of Dobkin. The so-called security consisted of people sporting appearance, which at that time were neither the members of the organization, nor the office workers, however, for some reason they were in the office building.

Police was on the place of event, but they did not try to stop the fight immediately.

Clashes near the office of MP from the “Opposition bloc” Mykhailo Dobkin, in his opinion, are a planned provocation.

“This is a planned provocation, which I warned about on Saturday … I sent a statement to the head of State Ministry of Internal Affairs in Kharkiv region and to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Kharkiv region, which warned about an armed assault on our party office preparing on Monday,” – said, Mykhailo Dobkin reporters on Monday evening.

He also said that the “Opposition bloc” intends to seek registration of the territorial organization of Kharkov, despite another failure of Main Territorial Department of Justice.

“We will seek registration. There is information that the Minister of Justice Petrenko began closely and carefully examining the documents on the failure to register us,” said Mykhailo Dobkin.

Recall that the Main Territorial Department of Justice in the Kharkiv region said that it will not register the regional office  of “Opposition block” and the party can not take part in local elections.

This was announced at a press conference on Monday by the head of the Department Yuri Georgievskiy.

He said that he decided to refuse the registration of regional department of “Opposition block” for procedural reasons.

He also told that on July 24 representatives of deputy Mykhailo Dobkin filed documents, reporting the elimination of “Law & Order” party (last year it was renamed to “Opposition block”) and the registration of regional department of OB.

You can find a video here.

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