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Kharkiv willing to help IDPs from other countries

Photo from city.kharkov.ua

First deputy mayor Igor Terekhov has met with representatives of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Ukraine to discuss issues related to assistance to IDPs and refugees. At present, 118,000 IDPs from ATO are officially registered in Kharkiv.

Terekhov emphasized: “Although Kharkiv is a front-line city, we were able to keep the peace in it. And throughout all the military conflict in the Donbas, Kharkiv received the highest number of internally displaced persons.”

Senior Legal Adviser to UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Yug Bisso thanked the administration for responsible and successful work. In addition, he said the UN mission now, besides helping displaced people of Donbas, is also helping refugees from the Middle East. Mission representatives asked Kharkiv City Council to help co-operatie.

In turn, te vice-mayor has assured that the city government is ready to help foreign nationals.

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