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How to achieve results in training: tips from Olympic athletes

Of course, many of us know the feeling when it’s hard to find the strength even for a half-hour workout. Imagine that daily exercise is your responsibility. That is how live the most professional and successful athletes – participants of the Olympic Games. Despite the fact that their abilities sometimes can be extremely high, Olympians are the same people who had to fight with themselves to achieve the goals.

1-22-2TheKharkivTimes gathered the tips from Kharkiv athlete Marina Proskurina to help you reach good results in training.

How to start a healthy lifestyle?
– First of all, you need to properly build the daily schedule. To do this you need: healthy sleep, proper nutrition, exercise, fresh air and outdoor activities. Start with a positive thought about all that brings you joy.

The basic rules of working on yourself:
1. Set a goal
2. Believe in success
3. Regularly remind yourself why you need to do this

1-11-1Several aspects of proper training:

  • Carefully check the rules of exercise (according to your type of sport training)
  • Monitor and fix changes in your body
  • Patience and perseverance
  • Encouragement

“Being a coach is directing people to a healthy lifestyle! I develop the exercise system according to characteristics and needs of each client,” tells Proskurina.

BACKGROUND: Marina Proskurina was born on August 12, 1985 in Kharkiv. Graduated from Kharkiv State Academy of Physical Culture. Sports rank: Master of sport of international class in gymnastics. Sporting achievements: the participant of the Olympic Games in Peking (2008), prize-winner of the World Championships and the European Championships in gymnastics (2000-2008). Absolute Champion Cup and the Championship of Ukraine 2006 2007 At the moment coach Pilates system. Now Marina is working in Kharkiv gym complex King, teaching people pilates.


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