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Kharkiv to welcome another cycle track and open bike club


Kharkiv City Council developed a preliminary draft of the construction of cycle track in Sarzhin Yar, advised head of physical culture and sports Konstantin Kurashov, at the press center of City Council on September 7.

According to him, the length of the route will be 24 km, that will make possible  to conduct various competitions there in cycling, in particular, the Ukrainian Cup. Cycle track plan to build on undeveloped territory of the Sarzhin Yar, close to Nauky Prospect.

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The first modern bicycle path in Kharkiv created along the Belgorod highway. At the moment only part of the cycle track is open, from monument to cyclist to the Piatihatki district. Also, along the cycle paths already placed benches for the rest of cyclists, several bicycle parking and a new bicycle service station.

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