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Belarus restricts pork imports from Kharkiv


Belarus has banned the supply of pork from the Kharkiv region due to African swine fever (ASF), reports Interfax.by).

image172438395“According to the International Office of Epizootics (IOE) on the territory of the Kharkiv region, was a registered case of African swine fever of susceptible species of animals,” informs the Department of Veterinary and Food Supervision Ministry of Agriculture of Belarus.

It was noted that from September 6 temporary restrictions were imposed on the import into Belarus from Kharkiv of live pigs, pork and byproduct, including wild boar meat derived from animals of susceptible species, forages, second-hand equipment for keeping, slaughter and butchering of pigs.

ne000-0010064_belarus-vremenno-ogranichila-vvoz-svininThe ministry pointed to the need for additional control measures to ensure the biological protection of large pig-breeding complexes as well as pig farms and farms of all forms of ownership.

Earlier, a similar ban was introduced in a number of regions of Ukraine.

BACKGROUND: African swine fever – a highly contagious illness, occurring in the acute form, characterized by a rapid current and high mortality of animals (98-100%). There are no facilities for the treatment and prevention of this specific disease.
African swine fever is not dangerous for humans.

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