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Ice dancing competition for Kharkiv

Photo from www.sportvsochi.ru

On Friday, September 9, finals of “Dancing on Ice” will be held in the fourth season of social and sports project, “I can!”, according to the City Council.

Within three months, participants learned to skate and perform tricks on the ice. Eight couples will compete in the finals.

Where: Shopping Center “Frantsuzky Bulvar” – “Shato Ledo” (Academic Pavlov Street, 44b).
When: September 9, Friday.
Time: 19:00.
Price: Free admission.

BACKGROUND: “I can!” is a sports project which is open to all who want to prove they can break their limits to become more sporty and healthy, regardless of gender, age and physical fitness. The new season includes six categories: weight loss, crossfit, dancing, dancing on ice, rock climbing, parachute jump.

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