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What animals will appear at Kharkiv zoo after reconstruction?


After reconstruction of Kharkiv zoo, there will appear new residents.

This will be possible if the city establishes itself before the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums (EAZA). Its experts have the necessary permits and are now on a visit to Kharkiv, Izvestia informs (UK).

8b15a4277a237e6a22f1682bed9a6cbbFirst deputy mayor Igor Terekhov with a representative of the EAZA Mario Hedemaker discussed new perspectives of Kharkov zoo after its reconstruction.

“Under the reconstruction, we want to implement all the latest and advanced technology, that Kharkiv zoo join the European Association, and can get new animals. Our consultant got acquainted with our concept of reconstruction of the zoo, and highly appreciated it. We are on the right way. We absolutely correct selected the concept together with our German colleagues. And we begin to implement it,” said Terekhov.

Hedemaker summed up the meeting with invitation of Kharkivens on September conference in Belfast to present the development plan.

175679_900According to the first deputy mayor, Kharkiv zoo will receive white bears, a pair of giraffes, hippopotamuses and new species of monkey.

monkey_2016_03At the moment installation works, construction of zoo entrance group, build a new monkey house, pave communications, are underway. The animals were placed in temporary housing at the zoo. To complete the reconstruction on time, work will carry on into winter and it is scheduled to finish within two years.

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