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Free business school for Kharkivens

Ukrainian logistics company Nova Poshta announced the launch of free business school for entrepreneurs, reports the company (UA).

The goal is to help Ukrainian entrepreneurs develop their own businesses, as the organizers believe small and medium business is “the basis of welfare of the country”.

The school is focused on the Ukrainians, who founded own business and want to develop it as efficiently as possible.

Students will gain practical knowledge of:
– Economy and Finance,
– Marketing and IT,
– Distribution and other disciplines.

“The best students will receive useful knowledge and certificates of graduation and personalized grants for the development of business,” promises the company.

Classes will last three months. Training will take place on the weekends, offline.

October 22 the courses start in Kharkiv, October 8 in Dnipro, September 24 in Lviv, September 17 in Odessa.

The company has already begun to select candidates. Apply here.

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