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Electricity becomes more expensive again


From September 1, electricity again goes up. This is planned increase in prices for the resource, and not the last. In a week Kharkivens have to pay by 25% more for electricity, Izvestia reports (UK).

The prices will be as follows:

  • The consumption of up to 100 kW/h per month – 0.72 UAH (0,57 now);
  • The consumption from 100 to 600 KW/h per month – 1.26 UAH (0,99 now);
  • The consumption is more than 600 kW/h per month – 1.68 UAH (1,56 now).

And it is not the last stage of the price increase. Another one citizens will meet in spring 2017. The prices on electricity will rise on about one quarter.

22869However, cost increase isn’t the only problem of the energy market. Kharkivens may face much greater challenges this winter because of debts to “Oblenergo”.

energetiki_govina.avi_“If such a rate debt will grow, by the new year it will amount to 1.1 billion UAH. First, it will affect the work of the Kharkivoblenergo. Also, if we won’t settle accounts with energy market at 100%, there may be restrictions in electricity supply in Kharkiv region. Then it may be necessary to impose restrictions for all consumers without exception,” emphasized Vladimir Skichko, head of the information policy and work with consumers Kharkivoblenergo.

To avoid the inconveniences, energy workers ask all consumers, citizens and businesses, to pay for services in time.

BACKGROUND: Last time electricity price raised on March 1, 2016 by 20%.

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