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All public electric transport in Kharkiv faces switch-off


Kharkivoblenergo is threatening to disable all electric transport in Kharkiv due to outstanding debts.

They also promise to turn off the electricity at the depot and office buildings tomorrow (August 17).

Due to Kharkivoblenergo, five tram routes didn’t work on August 14. The company that runs the city electric transport owes the power industry 47 million UAH, according to TSN (RU).


“The sanctions stipulated in the contract is turn off, and we did it. It was a precautionary measure, in the future, we do not exclude to disable all city electric transport,” said Vladimir Skichko, spokesman of Kharkivoblenergo.

Evgeny Vodovozov, deputy mayor of Kharkiv, said the government would not allow such intimidation. This year for the first time, the state budget for the transportation of beneficiaries did not receive money.

253610_defaultHe noted the debt for electricity utility is just 40 million UAH, while the government debt – is hundreds of millions of UAH.

“We work according to the law. And we insist the state works according to the law. Therefore, we will insist this debt is repaid by the state,” said the deputy mayor. Appeals to the country’s leadership is underway.

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