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Kharkivens to build solar power plant for households


Kharkiv team Hooli won the SunnyDay Challenge competition, reports Status Quo (RU).

From August 1, the team began to work on the creation of an open-source solar power supply and plans to demonstrate it at the end of August during a special presentation event.

development by team "hooli"
development by team “hooli”

The aim of the SunnyDay Challenge was to develop and produce the first Ukrainian open-source CSP-power plant (Concentrated Solar Power) for households. To encourage creative and skillful engineers, to contribute to the development of such an open-source solution, organizers set up a $2,500 award for the best design (and implementation) of such CSP solution.

11760214_486818054826633_5563665879723967395_nThe development goes on in the DIT mode (Design-It-Together). Results will be published under open source license at wiki.energytorrent.org, so everyone can use them.

According to SunnyDay, team Hooli includes participants related to KhackerSpaceNikolai Khristenko, Maxim Losev, Yuriy Karelin, Andrey Kornienko. The team asks to bring unnecessary air conditioners, turbines and units to them: all this will be useful in the creation of solar power.

13912329_769611273178922_5954944674923288403_nBACKGROUND: CSP technologies generate solar power by using mirrors or lenses to concentrate a large area of sunlight onto a small area.

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