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Kernes leads all-Ukrainian poll for Best Mayor


Radio Vesti launched a series of polls “Best of 25 Years of Independence of Ukraine”, in which everyone can leave the opinion about current and past mayors, athletes and presidents, as well as musical artists, TV shows, books and many other important things, Mykharkov reports (RU).

pollLeader of the mayoral rating is Gennady Kernes with 66% of voters. In second is a former mayor of Kyiv Alexander Omelchenko (13%); third is Lviv mayor Andrey Sadovoy, (10%).

They are followed by former mayor of Vinnytsia and now Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman (7%); current head of the Dnipro Boris Filatov (4%) and Odessit Eduard Hurwitz (2%).

mayorSurprisingly, in the ranking The Best President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovich who fled to Russia is in the lead with 62%. In second is “The Future President” (14%). A few years ago, the company Research & Branding Group asked Ukrainians, how they see the ideal president. As a result, 53% would like the president of a competent and responsible person, and a strong leader. 41% of respondents said they needed the president to prove his effectiveness, and be able to solve the problem.

Third is current president Petro Poroshenko (10%); followed by Leonid Kuchma (9%), Viktor Yushchenko and Ukraine’s first president Leonid Kravchuk (2%).

best presidentTake part in the poll for the best city head, best film, or musician, you can here.

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