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KNURE starts anti-corruption research


A campaign called KNURE Without Corruption was launched at Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics.

An anonymous survey aimed at investigating the level of loyalty to the corruption in the university is the first part of a major anti-corruption effort.

For four days, organizers received 290 completed questionnaires.

Among the respondents:

– 59% of students
– 29% of graduates
– 6% of students and their parents
– 6% of current and former employees

The bulk of respondents – young people aged up to 25 years, only a quarter of respondents – older people.


The project will create an anonymous channel to inform the leadership of corruption.

It is planned to hold a round table with representatives of other universities to exchange experiences in this area of work, as well as the creation of the university permanent anti-corruption commission with the participation of independent activists.

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