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Extra fines for driving drunk in Ukraine

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President Petro Poroshenko has signed a new decree that raises fines for drunk or drug driving, reports press service of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine.

According to the new law, driving vehicles in a state of alcoholic, narcotic intoxication or under the influence of drugs, which reduce the attention and speed of reaction, as well as the transfer of vehicle a person control, which is in such a condition, or failure of the driver to be examined in terms of its status, implies the imposition of a fine on the driver.

First offenders will be fined 600 non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens (10,200 UAH) and a one-year driving ban, instead of 3,400 UAH.

In the case of repeated violations of this offence, the fine rises to 20,400 UAH, and a driving ban of three years.

A third offence means a fine of 40,800 UAH.

The Head of State is confident the law will significantly broaden actions for law enforcers to keep order on the roads.

BACKGROUND: July 7, 243 MPs voted in favor of the corresponding bill.

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