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Skydiving national record set in Kharkiv

Photo from https://www.facebook.com/markevich.yaroslav?fref=nf

Ukrainian parachuters set a new national record on Sunday July 24 in skydiving in the category “Large figures with re-formation” (5 figures) at Korotych airport, reported MP Yaroslav Markevich on his Facebook page.

13659029_1586823711617334_2303025918540057639_nIn the freefall, 25 parachutists made figures and four times rebuilt them.

collageккThe team had eight Kharkivens, among them Head of the Department of Physical Culture and Sports Department of Family, Youth and Sports Konstantin Kurashov.

13631431_1586823908283981_2375667460307783423_nBACKGROUND: The event is organized by the Federation of Parachuting in Ukraine, the Federation of Helicopter Sport of Ukraine, Kharkiv Federation of Parachuting and Kharkiv Flying Club.

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