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Kharkiven swims the Bosphorus


Kharkiven Andrew Kravchenko made a swim “Asia – Europe” as part of the national team of Ukraine on July 24, KharkivToday reports (RU).


The instability in Turkey could jeopardize the participation of Ukrainians in the final swim through the Bosphorus.

Andrew Kravchenko

“I want to thank everyone for their worry and information, but in spite of the political situation in Turkey, we together with my coach Konstantin Ukradyga decided on Sunday in Istanbul to swim across the Bosphorus Strait from Asia to Europe in spite of everything. The only two reasons that may become an obstacle to our dream: if the Turkish Olympic Committee cancel the swim or the airline cancels our flight. In these situations, we can’t influence in any way. In all other cases, we expect a good swim,” wrote Andrey a few days before the swim on his Facebook page.

BOSPHORUS_2_2 Kıta 1 YarışOn July 24, the Ukrainian team of 133 people swam the Bosphorus. 1,500 sportsmen from 100 countries participated in the marathon swim. Swimmer from Kyiv Konstantin Ukradyga won a silver medal in the competition. Kravchenko overcame the 6.5 km in 1 hour 22 minutes and 5 seconds.

gramota-uchastnikaBACKGROUND: The first swim across the Bosporus took place in 1989, 68 people took part in it. Later, the contest has gained popularity, the number of participants reaches 2,000 in recent years.

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