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World youth to learn Ukraine in Kharkiv


One of the stages of the national project of the youth international organization AIESEC Feel Ukraine will take place in Kharkiv.

r_07_25-31_Feel-UkraineThe aim of the project is to revive the brand of Ukraine and promote it at an international level and among Ukrainian youth, informs Citysite (RU).

The national project will be attended by 30 trainees from 13 countries, such as Azerbaijan, Turkey, Egypt, Spain, China, Morocco, Croatia, Iran, Mexico, Estonia, Switzerland, Tunisia, Jordan.

12522915_474022299466504_15634499074802463_nThey will visit four Ukrainian cities: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odessa and Dnipro. The project started on July 11, and will continue until August 22. Week in Kharkiv is scheduled for July 25-31.

Volunteers will travel, learning traditions of Ukraine and share the culture of their countries. Every week they will publish articles, photos and videos about our country.

Calendar of events in Kharkiv:

   25.07 – Excursions to the architectural and religious monuments of Kharkiv, a meeting with Kharkivens in format of conversational club

        26.07 – Feldman Ecopark, knowing of contemporary art

    27.07 – Quest in the subway, the exhibition of robots in Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics (KNURE)

   28.07 – Press conference with representatives of local authorities and Kharkiv youth organizations in the media center “Vremia” at 12:30

        29.07 – Trip to Opishnya

        30.07 – Festival of Cultures “Global Village”

      31.07 – West “Living Library”, where volunteers will share their impressions about Ukraine

To see Ukraine through the eyes of foreigners is possible joining to the project.

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