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System error: Entrants can’t submit applications

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This year, all entrants must submit an application to the selected high school only online. However, even on the fifth day the nationwide unified database does not work, according to ZN (UA).

At the moment, there are several problems:

  • The registration does not go through
  • Applicants can’t submit documents with benefits (since it does not provide an opportunity for them to download documents in an electronic filing system)
  • Problems with access to the database where all the applications must be fixed (it slows down the work of the selection committee)

As a result, students who are unable to apply on-line go to high school, where the selection committee is not able to enter data.

“It loads too long, pages do not open, the application cannot be processed due to the fact we can not get access to the base,” says a member of the selection committee of the university Julia Miroschnik, according to Gorodskoy Dozor (RU).

The relevant ministries, says the secretary of the selection committee in Karazin university Olga Anoschenko, knows about this situation. The failure is explained by the technical works. However, the normal access to the database is not been restored yet.

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