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Verkhovna Rada finally legalizes ID card


The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has adopted a bill which actually legalizes plastic IDs like a passport for Ukraine citizens and digital verification tool. Over 226 deputies voted for it.

After the enactment of the law, old passports will be possible to change for new, and use them in addition to the traditional identity card, as access to a wide range of digital services, reports AIN (RU).

12341307_932000893548388_5044436841020384247_n1“This is access to electronic services and the real fight against corruption. This project was adopted thanks to a huge work of the IT Committee head Alexander Danchenko, speaker Andrey Parubiya, support of Anton Gerashchenko and Maxim Sokolyuk. We accepted, although some “reformers” tried very hard to fail. Yes, the law is imperfect, but if you don’t support such laws, then either you don’t understand that a large plan is more important than details, or you do not fight against corruption,” wrote active leader in the field of e-government and the Adviser to the Mayor of Lviv Janika Merilo on Facebook.

id_pasport10_145449597169In addition, ID can be used for authorisation using public services, and for digital signatures. With the development of public services, the owners of e-cards will get access to them.

Previously, ID-passport issued only to citizens who have reached the age of 16 and received the document for the first time. The adoption of the bill №3224 was necessary to change the old passport on the ID-card.

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