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Kharkiven becomes first Ukrainian with mechanical heart


A 41-year-old Kharkiven, Pavel Doroshko, has undergone a unique operation in Kyiv, having a mechanical heart implant.

unikalnaya_operaciya_v_kieve_kak_harkovchanin_budet_zhit_s_mehanicheskim_serdcem_“Doctors think illness was developing for two years, but he was very active and didn’t feel any symptoms,” said his wife Svetlana Doroshko, reports Segodnya (RU).

Having suffered two strokes, he went to the heart institute. “There, I was diagnosed with severe heart failure. Doctors said the chances of life were six months, a year maximum. I needed a heart transplantation and soon the incredible happened: I was offered a mechanical heart. I immediately agreed,” said Pavel.

“The situation of this patient was more than serious. The volume of the left ventricle before the operation was 560 ml. This is four times more than healthy people’s hearts. Over the past four weeks Pavel’s condition sharply deteriorated. If we did nothing, he would have died in the near future,” explained director of the Kyiv Institute of Heart, Doctor of Medicine Boris Todurov.

mechanical heart
mechanical heart

It will be unusual for Pavel to live with mechanical heart. He always has to carry a small bag weighing about 6 kg. The device, which supports the work of the heart, is connected to an electrical control unit, which is hidden in the bag. The patient should always be close to electricity point as the battery needs to recharge.

The mechanical heart for Pavel costs 120,000 EUR. The Heart in the Hand fund collects money to pay for the device.

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