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Kharkiv Tractor Plant will exist


Kharkiv’s regional economic court, on July 14, approved plans of a pre-trial rehabilitation of Public Joint Stock Company Kharkiv Tractor Plant (KTP), reports Censor (RU).

Before the hearing, KTP staff members came out under the walls of the Economic Court to support the plant. Near the court gathered about 250 workers. People held national flags of Ukraine and placards.

640x478The protesters were strongly opposed to the plant property to be sold to repay the debt, and demanded the court approved the plan of pre-trial rehabilitation of the enterprise.

The picket was attended by Acting General Director of KTP Vyacheslav Shevchenko, together with the representatives of the new owner of the company – members of the Board of Directors of DCH Group.

1468524790_htzFrom now, thanks to the introduction of reorganization, the company will be able to unlock all the bills, pay the salaries to employees and operate. The situation of the plant requires work in full force and effect and even more to pay off all debts of the enterprise. The rehabilitation of such an enterprise – is a step to boost the economy of Ukraine.

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