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Taxmen: liquidation of KTP is better for the country than its reconstruction


On July 5, 2016 in the Economic Court of Kharkiv region was held a hearing on approval of pre-trial rehabilitation plan of Kharkiv Tractor Plant (KTP), Ukrainian News reports (RU).

The main opponents of the proposed plan of repayment of debts and its financial recovery was the Specialized State Tax Inspectorate (SSTI) of Kharkiv on maintenance of large taxpayers and the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.

According to their representatives, the only variant to meet their requirements is the sale of the plant by auction within the framework of enforcement proceedings. The reason for this is supposedly the ability to meet the SSTI’s claims better in case of liquidation of the enterprise – in comparison with the prospect of returning KTP to full economic activity.

a47ed6f7d6e2fb1b515096e40fe239b8Andrey Khorishko, a lawyer of the KTP commented on: “This statement clearly shows that the state’s position in the face of tax inspectorate on the future of the KTP is limited to providing the choice of the plant between “liquidation or liquidation” that will lead to the sale of the plant partially, ignoring the real possibility of non-conflict debt return. This position is not just anti-State, it’s anti-human, killing the industrial potential of Ukraine and depriving means of subsistence a lot of families.”

1The consideration of the approval of the recovery plan of KTP was postponed to July 11.

Although Yaroslavsky, owner of a controlling stake KTP, promised to resume a stable work of the plant, there are no results.

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