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Frenchman declines to head Electrotyazhmash


French specialist Jean-Andre Barbosa, who previously won the competition for the post of head of the state-owned enterprise Electrotyazhmash, has accepted the offer of another employer.

The 42-year-old citizen of France and Mexico preferred private business than work at state enterprises, Biznessliga reports (RU).

In this regard, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine will announce a new competition for the selection of the head of state-owned enterprises.

Stepan Kubiv

“We were in the final stages of negotiations with Barbosa, and we are sorry we could not hold such qualified specialist on Electrotyazhmash. The competition for skilled managers in the labor market is very high and we still take a back seat in comparison with employers from the private sector. All that is lacking is to start a new contest as soon as possible,” commented Minister of economic development and trade Stepan Kubiv.

1_panorama tseha_BACKGROUND: Electrotyazhmash specializes in the design and manufacture of turbo-generators, hydro-generators, large electric DC machines, as well as the complete electrical equipment for urban and electric railway.

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